Camp David trains and encourages men to influence those within their circles.  Living life for your own benefit alone is not an option and that is why it is of utmost importance for all men to always have an outward focus in life, leading others into a life they were created to live. 

Whether in the townships or in the suburbs, with the poor and needy or in your own community, Camp David aims to strengthen the local community by bringing compassion to others in the same way Jesus did.

Scripture says in Matt 28 that we are sent to make disciples, and so we start this mission in our own local community.


Because Camp David has a community across South Africa, we always aim at standing together and reaching more people across the country.  

We host camps and discipleship groups as far and wide as possible to influence more men and their families.


Camp David is also called to the toughest and darkest of countries where it is near impossible to reach out to people and communities.  

Whether the challenges are based on location, language, distance, cultural boundaries or something else, Camp David believes that we are called to these places to preach the Gospel of the Good News - the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Camp David annually leads international outreaches  into the nations, taking men to make a difference all over the world.  That is what men were made to do - Do hard things!

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