‘Battle to Fight’ Camp

‘Discover your Warrior Heart; Restore your Masculinity’

‘Battle to Fight’ is a boot-camp which applies some of the values of the Army to build character and give men the military feeling. The terrain where this camp is hosted is outside Potchefstroom.  On this camp we do rugged Adventure activities like Chimp Walk, Berlin Wall, Rope Ladder, Raft building, Leopard Crawling, Catty-Shooting etc. The biggest battle for every man is for his own heart. On this camp we want to activate a new desire in you. A warrior spirit revived, active, and alive. No more lone-ranger.

It is time to find a band of brothers in Christ that supports and directs you. It is time to show integrity and love, to confront your father-wound and forgive him so that God can connect with you as the Real Father. The opportunity also exist to be cleansed and to break with your sexual immorality, so that you can start living a pure and righteous life in Christ. This is some of the things we handle on the ‘Battle to Fight’ Camp. You can expect God to show up and: Restore your Authority as a warrior; Cut the agreements with darkness; Connect you with brothers in Christ; Heal your Father heart. 

Adventure to Live Camp

‘Get into Nature to meet your Creator’

Don’t you just love a challenge?! It is time to climb a mountain or take a walk in the wilderness to hear God’s voice and wash yourself in the dam. You will feel the energy of Nature, where you and your Creator meet in solitude. You may have some questions: Am I good enough to be a man? Do I have what it takes to be a man after God’s heart? How do I handle a woman? Will I be for her the man I am supposed to be? God wants to meet you because you are His beloved son! God wants to restore a kingly priesthood. You are a priest and a king. You are holy & pure, and you are God’s very own. Let’s make sure on this camp that your boyhood & cowboy phases are in place so that you can stand up as a real man, a lover and a warrior. Some of the Adventure Activities on this camp includes: Horseback Riding; Paintball; Mountain retreat (solo hiking); Foefie slide; Abseil.  You can expect God to show up and: Take you deeper; Heal your wound; Restore your strength; Give back your masculine heart.

Kit Camp (Knight in Training)

‘Igniting the Fire in the hearts of young men’

Camp David wants to raise up young men, 14-18 years old, to reach their full potential and start fulfilling their role in school and the community. The focus of ‘Knight in Training’ is to get boys into nature: Inviting them to a Godly Adventure they long to live. Today’s society is packed with electronics, media & politics, so there is no time to break away into nature and explore the true meaning of life. Young Men take risks easily and longs for an exciting experience. The problem is that they look for it in all the wrong places and don’t always realize the effect or consequences of their actions. We want to guide their young, wild hearts in the right direction. We are getting them fighting fit for the real world: Conquering fear; Growing in true Identity; Realizing Potential; Living wholly.

Discipleship / Battle Group / Excuseless

‘The Courage of a Few, will Lead a Nation’

Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare for war! Stir up the Mighty Men! Let all the men of war draw near, let them come up.   Joel 3:9

These groups concist of radical men coming together once a week on a  morning, stirring each others hearts,  encouraging one another to be more than they have become, ventureing out of their comfort zones into the unknown where trust in- and total dependancy on Jesus Christ is the only thing keeping them going forward. After each camp it is ideal for the men who attended the camp to stay in contact with each other. We want to see a generation rise up to live dangerously, love passionately, and lead courageously, giving everything they have to impact the culture in their surroundings. In this group there is much diversity: Worship, Testimonies and Teaching, all part of the line-up. But before all that, there is Coffee and Fellowship.