There comes a day in a boy’s life when he first crosses the street and enters the company of great explorers with the questions:

Where do you belong?

What do I have to offer?

What will I benefit from this?

Will I reach my destination?

Camp David is all about helping men to be restored to their original design.  We are convinced that the one and true God created you for a reason and that the ‘enemy’ (Satan) wants to come and steal from you.  Some of the things he wants to steal is: The Truth about God Himself, the Truth about who God made you to be, the Truth about why you are here and where you belong and the Truth about a true and loving Community.  God, through Jesus Christ, wants to restore these Truths and set you on a journey of discovering Him.

Camp David uses initiatives like weekend breakaways into rough country, a gap-year for young men, Discipleship groups, etc. to help men of all ages in every sphere of life on their journeys.   Together we as a company of men journey through challenges and adventures to experience God, the true meaning of brotherhood and what it means to truly live.  We have realised that lone-rangers do not get far, but a brother is born for adversity (Pro17:17).

Join us on this journey…


"Seen, Experienced, Believe - Changed Life forever!"

Battle To Fight Augustus 2013

"Ek ken nou wat 'n man is en moet wees."

Battle To Fight Augustus 2013

"God is alles en niks is beter as om heeltemal oor te gee nie."

Battle To Fight Augustus 2013

"I'm a better person/warrior man today. Jesus lives in me."

Battle To Fight Augustus 2013